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There are many places to find yourself.

Not that you are lost

But to see yourself in relation to the world

During 2018 Tanya Southey and Denise Smith collaborated on a creative project - 52 Words 52 Weeks. Each week Tanya wrote a poem, based on a chosen word and paired it with Denise’s photography. The book was launched in London in October 2019 and is available now via the online store. Secure your copy of either, a coffee-table hardback, or a novel-sized paperback. Ideal as a gift for yourself or someone who has everything and loves words and images.

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Nanoo is Ollie’s beloved grandmother and an astronomer who discovered the planet Terenza, in a gentle galaxy east of the moon. When Nanoo disappears on a trip to the Outback, Ollie cannot accept that she is gone. He is worried, sad and refuses to believe that Nanoo would leave him. He feels helpless sitting around on his farm with only his faithful Labrador, Chloe, to listen to his feelings. However, his luck changes when the Starchaser and his Star-fordshire Terrier, Buddy, plot a way to get to Earth from Terenza. The boys and their dogs begin an epic adventure to find Nanoo. Their journey takes them across the Outback, up the Steps to the Moon and into space. But will Ollie find her, and will he bring her home?

Available now on all booksellers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the Book Depository, Booktopia) or click on the link to purchase from the publisher.

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November – Language: Words

Words I remember the words, the ones we sacrificed on the altar of love; the very ones we thought would ...
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November – Language: Inspiration

Inspiration Sometimes inspiration comes in a bolt, a light that stirs internally, and shifts the mood from low and slow, ...
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November – Language: Meaning

Meaning Every word has meaning, how do we all know, that this is a pot or this is a clock? ...
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October – Seasons: Autumn

Autumn Autumn came to whisper - clinging on is futile, all that is attached will once again fall upon the ...
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October – Seasons: Winter

Winter In the winter of the frozen prayers, when the leaves of language had fallen to the ground and dissolved ...
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Week 52: Epilogue

Epilogue The clock does not know it will continue ticking but we will be gone; the garden will remain in ...
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Week 51: Trust

Trust It is hard to trust when fear leaves your mouth bone dry and your tongue lies locked, words departed ...
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Week 50: We

We We who were born to shift the fog and clear away old concepts are finding each other We the ...
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Week 49: Love

Love When my bones are bleached and brittle from carrying my stories I hope to say I have loved When ...
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Week 48: Kindred

Kindred In all the dust and chaos of the universe I stumbled on you Random particles who happened perchance, to ...
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