'There are many places to find yourself.

Not that you are lost.

But to see yourself in relation to the world.

To gain perspective.

Compare without ego.

Grow into the human you are meant to be.

Words are like scalpels, you can use them as intentions to chisel off your rough edges.

To build new pathways in your brain, to soothe, motivate or inspire.

Welcome to StreetWise; a 52 week collaboration inspired by 52 words and the photographs that brought them to life."

StreetWise is a collection of 52 poems written over 52 weeks by Tanya Southey with collaborative street photography by Denise Smith.

StreetWise is available in two formats: a larger format hardcover coffee-table book; ideal for flicking through with your afternoon tea and a more intimate novel-sized paperback featuring a classic poetry layout that is easier to carry around and read on the train or for nightly reading. Each format offers its own experience depending on how you best enjoy poetry.

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The hardcover format features larger pages to fully emerse yourself in the poems and pictures, large double spread photos and makes an excellent coffee table to display and enjoy.



The paperback format is a more classic poetry layout that is novel sized and easy to take with you.

StreetWise Paperback