Week 23: Petrichor

Photo credit: Denise Smith “Midnight Green”. Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets)


The wilderness
was once visible
a hooded darkness
of caves and woods
monsters concealed
in logs or behind
shadowy rocks

A lonely place

The wilderness
is now invisible
a place of
tall buildings
and people milling
a proximity of connection
but utter disconnection
a place of aching
aloneness in the
closeness of crowds
a million likes
but not one smile

We crave belonging
this timeless spaceless
knowing that we are loved
that we are seen
that someone knows
in this wilderness
that we really do exist
the one whose eyes
lock onto ours
and without words say
‘I know exactly
who you are
soul of my soul’

The rain


Only the
of connection

© Tanya Southey

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