Month: May 2018

Week 21: Abundance

Week 21: Abundance

Abundance It’s easy not to trust to doubt that all that you need will fall into place It’s effortless to fall into the fear and miss the signs of the quiet blossoming We are led to believe that support and love come in large packages […]

Week 20: Sanctuary

Week 20: Sanctuary

Sanctuary We are all fleeing from something even those who appear to be standing still Even those who are planted in the same spot as the moment of their birth these rare beasts who seem to be happily grazing on their less than green grass […]

Week 19: Homecoming

Week 19: Homecoming

Photo credit: Denise Smith “Solo Stroll”. Follow Denise on Instagram @deniselifeart or on FB Denise Smith (Photo Album – My Streets)

Homecoming isn’t
the same anymore
the furniture has
been rearranged
and grief sits in
your empty chair

The spoon has
leached its metal
into my tea and
the milk seems
curdled even though
it’s in the halcyon days
before its use by date

There is a fragment
of me standing
on the mantlepiece
a part of you is laughing
next to me

Will this new me
ever wear the previous
mantle of my peace?

Home is no longer
a physical place
to rest and retreat in
it’s the sound of
an opera floating
on the breeze
the scent of roses
after summer rain
hydrangeas growing
in the shade of a
mossy wall
pasta in a blue and
white ceramic bowl

to shards
of memories
scattered like ashes
wherever I am

© Tanya Southey

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Week 18: Reflection

Week 18: Reflection

Reflection I hand-picked a constellation of stars and hid them in my heart they shine reflected on the lake inside my mind This is the place where you will always live even as the wild geese cry in flight even as the moon rises on […]